Better Movement with Todd Hargrove

January 16, 2015

Dr. Perry talks with Todd Hargrove about his book 'A Guide to Better Movement' and the role movement plays in pain. We talk about the brain and how it relates to pain and movement. Todd has a fascinating story of how he changed careers from a lawyer to become a bodyworker and he discusses his journey into healing. Don't miss this one. One of my favorite books!


One on One with Dr. Phil Page

December 20, 2014

Phil Page PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, LAT is a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He is also a Certified Kinesiotaping Practitioner.

Dr. Perry talks with Dr. Page about the Janda Approach to training and corrective exercises. Talking specifically about Upper/Lower Crossed Syndromes and the Janda Short foot exercise. This is a chance for you to learn form the man who trained directly under Vladimir Janda. Don't miss this episode.c

See more on his website: PHIL PAGE

Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

November 20, 2014

Dr. Perry talks with Biomechanist Katy Bowman author of Move Your DNA. We talk everything movement. It's a really fun episode. One of my favorite books on movement for sure. 

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