Movement, Shoulders and Life with Dr. Mike Reinold

October 31, 2013

Dr. Perry interviews the awesome Physical Therapist Mike Reinold about movement and its impact on pain. How the shoulder connects with movement dysfunctions and traditional rehab. Also life lessons of being in the trenches helping people. 

Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS is considered a world-renowned leader in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance.  As a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Mike uses his background in sport biomechanics, movement quality, muscles imbalances, and manual therapy to specialize in all aspects of human performance.  He has worked extensively with a variety of professional athletes with emphasis on the care of throwing injuries in baseball players.

Mike had worked for Boston Red Sox for many years as Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist before opening a private practice in Boston, MA.   He was a member of the 2007 World Series Champion team and focused on keeping pitchers healthy and rehabilitating players back to peak performance.


Dr. Kathy Dooley talks Anatomy. Movement. Kettlebells

October 2, 2013

Dr. Perry talks one on one with Dr. Kathy Dooley. Dr. Kathy has a long list of accomplishments and is one of the most sought after instructors in the health and fitness industry. She talks about her love of anatomy and how being an anatomist helps her treat clients better. How she looks at movement in diagnosis and assessments. Her passion for kettlebells. Perry and Kathy talk about Neurokinetic Therapy and the powerful impact it has on pain relief. Don't miss this fireside style sit down chat with one of the best.

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