Inside Myofascial Taping with ROCKTAPE

January 16, 2012

Learn the principles and methods behind myofascial kinesiotaping with Rocktape. This is my preferred brand for taping techniques on all my athletes and clients for pain relief, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. Dr. Justin Brink discusses the certification programs available via Rocktape and the unique myofascial line taping for improved movement patterning. Don't miss this one!

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Dr. Emily Splichal (Functional Foot Expert)

January 11, 2012

Dr. Perry talks with Dr. Emily Splichal about the Functional Foot and Barefoot Training. She talks about the upcoming workshop she has at my fitness center in Ramsey, NJ Fitness (201). Dr. Emily is a Doctor of Podiatry and an expert on foot mechanics in relationship to human movement. Don't this episode. A must listen!! She is one of my most absolute favorite people and a wicked smart Doc who is jacked to the max with fitness.

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Workshop Registration at Fitness (201)