One on One with Graziella Baratta

February 25, 2011

Dr. Perry talks with former ms United States Graziella Baratta about fitness, training, being a successful business woman and entrepreneur, and image consulting. Graziella captured the crown of Ms. United States 2008! Graziella represented New York at the national pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 12- 17, 2008.

Graziella is a triple- threat performing artist, choreographer, a dance & fitness instructor, and image consultant. With her sister Liana, the Baratta sisters offer personal and corporate image consulting through their company brand B.YOUneek.

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One on One with Dana Cavalea (NY Yankees Head Strength Coach)

February 16, 2011

Dan Cavalea, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the New York Yankees lets you take a peek inside the world of training professional athletes. During the talk with Dr. Perry he reveals many of his strategies and his words of advice for up and coming coaches is priceless. He coaches with a solid foundation on how the body functions, while at the same time creating and awareness about the influence of lifestyle on athletic success. Dana specializes in the development in multi-planar strength, power, and speed development.

****Listen for a short bonus talk with Dana after the sign off. We talked for a few minutes longer and it was just so good I had to add it at the end.****

"It is a personal goal of mine to enhance the overall development of the modern athlete by education and practicality. Helping athletes achieve their dreams is what it's all about. Make your dreams realities!" -- Dana Cavalea



One on One with Dr. Craig Liebenson

February 12, 2011

Hear Dr. Liebenson talk about Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a manual rehabilitative approach based on developmental movement principles. It is designed to activate the body's stabilizing system by stimulating movement control centers in the brain. It stabilizes the body by teaching the body to mimick and internalize the precise postures a child takes when it learns to crawl and upright itself. The method helps to restore the structural and postural alignment of the body's neuromuscular skeletal system by invoking a full body "global" motor patterns.

Dr. Liebenson is the Director of L.A. Sports & Spine a pain management, rehabilitation & performance enhancement center providing one on one musculoskeletal care. He began studying with both Dr. Karel Lewit and Pr Vladimir Janda beginning in 1987 and has been regularly hosting Pavel Kolar’s programs for more than a decade.

Dr. Liebenson publishes extensively and is the editor of the book/DVD Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practioner’s Manual (2nd ed), 2007.

He is one of my mentor's and this is a must listen to podcast. Don't miss it!

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Program Design: Creating Effective Workouts

February 8, 2011

Joe Dowdell, CSCS, PT Founder and CEO of Peak Performance Gym in NYC, voted one of the TOp 10 Gyms in the US by Men's Health Magazine talks about Program Design. Learn the strategies and systems he uses in the trenches everyday. Discover what works and how to assess a client from the end goal backwards. Joe is one of the best at Programming so don't miss this one. He has more certifications that just about anybody I have ever met and he trains real people everyday. That is the name of the game!!

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One on One with Sue Falsone

February 4, 2011

WOWZA! This is a good one folks. I got to spend time talking with one of my favorite people, Sue Falsone, PT, ATC from Athletes Performance Institute. She is amazing on just about everything. Trust play and listen. This is one for download and replay and sharing! Thank you Sue. Had a great time. Just a taste of what you will learn about: Thoracic spine, diaphragm, DNS, movement, how she evaluates a client and her recommendations for continuing education. Miss this and you will regret it!.

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