Tai Cheng: Transform Your Body

May 29, 2012

Oh what an episode we have on Stop Chasing Pain...the incredible Dr. Mark Cheng is here as a special guest to discuss his spectacular body transformation system Tai Cheng. Learn personally from the creator of this one of a kind program of total body transformation using principles of Tai Chi. Mark talks about the journey to making this incredible system and the powerful results you can achieve for better health, performance, fat loss and pain relief. Sit back and absorb all the knowledge bombs from one of my dearest friends and mentors. SCP highly recommends this program for everyone....5 STARS!


To purchase Tai Cheng or see additional information please visit....TAI CHENG.


The Business of Personal Training with Jon Goodman

May 22, 2012

Dr. Perry interviews Jon Goodman about his new book IGNITE THE FIRE: Secrets of a Successful Training Career and the amazing website thePTDC.

The Personal Trainer Development  was created by Jonathan Goodman, a leading personal trainer and fitness author who brings a wealth of learning and experience to his mission.  Jon has been exposed to every angle of the personal training industry…from the classroom… to the training floor…to the manager’s office… to the speaker’s podium at seminars he’s led.

Packed full of knowledge bombs to help you succeed! Don't miss this one!



In-the-Trenches with Tony Gentilcore

May 16, 2012

Tony Gentilcore is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) holding a degree in Health Education with a concentration in Health/Wellness Promotion from the State University of New York at Cortland. Recognized as one of the premier trainers in New England. Tony is also one of the co-founders of Cressey Performance, located in Hudson, MA.

Tony is a regular contributor to Testosterone Magazine (T-nation.com), Livestrong.com, and has also been featured in Men’s Health Magazine. His blog is one of the top rated in the industry. VISIT IT! Here is the link....BLOG

Go one on one with Tony as Dr. Perry talks with him about stability, core training, marketing, performance, how he became an expert, training tips, and more. Don't miss this one. Lots of shock and we knowledge bombs dropping!



Success Principles with Scott Ginsberg

May 9, 2012

Scott Ginsberg aka...'The Nametag Guy' has been one of the most influential people in my personal and professional life. His writings have changed the way I look at the world and motivated me to deliver my passion to others. His website is one of the most jam packed places for free information to help you. Check it out here: HELLO MY NAME IS SCOTT. I encourage you to buy his books and start the transformation of your life. I reached out to Scott and he graciously agreed to come on and share some knowledge bombs of success with you. ENJOY and share with others!!