Improve Your Overhead Squat

November 16, 2010

Craig Weller from Barefoot Fitness discusses the secrets to improving the Overhead Squat. Craig spent six years as a member of a Naval Special Operations Force known as SWCC, the Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen. The lifestyle of Special Operations and the unconventional "Accomplish the Mission By Any Means Necessary" mentality led Craig to develop his unique philosophy of physical training, which, as an instructor, he used to train other Spec Ops Forces on three different continents in highly austere conditions.

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The Neuroscience of Movement

November 14, 2010

Hold onto your brain cells for a ride with Marcel Daane. Learn the neuroscience of how your brain programs movement. How to implement program design and training functional movement patterns. Why does your body do the things it does when exercising? Amazing stuff that will take your training to a new level. Visit Marcel at the following sites to learn more about this fascinating topic:

Marcel is also an IDEA International Fitness Presenter, which is one of the leading fitness education organizations in the United States and is a Continuing Education Provider for the American Council on Exercise. Marcel's reputation as a Fitness Innovator and Entrepreneur has earned him the reputation as one of the leading Fitness Educators in Asia today.

Marcel has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Complementary Medicine coupled with an Associate's Degree in Applied Nutrition. In combination with this, Marcel also holds professional qualifications as a : NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist, ACE 'Gold Standard" Certified Advanced Fitness Specialist, ACE certified Mat Pilates Instructor, AFPA Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, and USA Weightlifting Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.


Fitness Performance and Soft Tissue Strategies

November 7, 2010

Patrick Ward from Optimum Sports Performance talks with Dr. Perry about how taking care of the soft tissue system helps increase athletic performance. Learn when to seek help, options for soft tissue work and the value of seeking a professional. Patrick discusses the role of foam rolling and self applied myofascial techniques.

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‘Show and Go’ with Eric Cressey

November 1, 2010

Eric talks about his new program release called Show and Go...learn how and why he came up with this unique training program. Eric Cressey is president and co-founder of Cressey Performance, a facility located just west of Boston, MA. A highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured athletes alike, Eric has helped athletes at all levels – from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks – achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports.

An accomplished author, Cressey has authored over 200 published articles in all. Eric has published four books and co-created three DVD sets that have been sold in over 50 countries around the world. Eric has been an invited guest speaker in four countries and more than one dozen U.S. states.

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